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Our Goals

11 Years of experience
+5000 Guests
+20000 Breakfast Served
+6000 Stories Told




The owner

I am Elena, the owner of Palazzo Rollo B&B since its birth in 2006. After graduating in Business Management at the University of Firenze I came back to Lecce. I studied in Stockholm for a while and this experience helped me to improve my English. I also worked in Milan in the event management and incentives field. Eventually, I decided to come back to Lecce and to manage the family business since turism and accomodation in Puglia was just starting to develop. In fact, Palazzo Rollo is one of the first B&Bs in Lecce ( registration at the municipal’s register no. 96!).
Though it’s hard, I love my job! It gives me the chance to meet people from all over the world everyday. They are fascinated and curious about our amazing region and we love to help them with every kind of information. We constantly look for exclusive local experiences in order to suggest them to our customers: local cooking classes, wine and oil tasting, trekking in the hinterland and adventures on the sea. We just do everything is possible to make our customers feel like members of our wonderful region.



General manager

I couldn’t do anything without my great partners who are not only work collegues, but also great friends. They have been working with us for many years and one of them is Leonardo, better known as Leo. He is my right-hand man, a tireless worker. He never loses his smile, even during the hard working hours of the summer season. He is Brazilian but he has Italian citizenship too. He came here in 2005 and has been working at Palazzo Rollo since 2006. He has two sons, one of them born in Lecce, and a wonderful wife. He is responsible for the customers’ accomodation and maintenance.


Sig.ra Adriana

The owner’s mother

Then there is Mrs Adriana, my mother, the cornerstone of Palazzo Rollo. Formerly a teacher, she is now retired even though she has never stopped working. She is a wonderful mother and a super host who always welcomes her guests with dignity and grace. She is responsible for the decoration and the bedroom linen which has match the floor and bathroom’s tiles (The Staff are very happy about this!). She oversees the breakfast and sometimes delights the guests with home made jams and fragrant plum-cakes and traditional pastry. So, she is a real wonder woman but with a lot of style!



Front e back office manager

It’s impossible not to mention Simona,who started with us in 2016. With a Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages for International Relationships at the university of Turin she speaks three languages fluently: English, French and Russian (she soon will also be able to speak Portuguese!). She is a thorough professional, always kind and smiling and has a wide experience both on a national and international level. A little side note: she can’t stand a messy office!



Responsible for breakfast and accomodation

Seydina came to Palazzo Rollo in early 2015 with a great passion and competence in everything he does, particularly in the breakfast room. Available at any hour and for anyything, he is the guardian angel of the Palace.



Customer care

Thanks to the cooperation with the University of Salento and the Erasmus Plus project, every year in high season, our staff gets bigger thanks to young and promising students.